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Maggie Grainger
August 14, 2020
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We checked in with Curtis Condie, the clinic’s district practice manager, to see how things are going at our first San Diego Country location.

CARBON HEALTH: How has the response to Carbon Health been in the community?

CURTIS CONDIE: We are getting an overwhelmingly positive reaction with our transition to Carbon Health. All of the patients love being able to access everything directly through their phones and have commented on how quick, easy, and efficient the Carbon Health system is overall. They also keep commenting on the high level of care they are receiving and the great staff we have here at the La Costa clinic. It really has been a great response overall!

CH: That’s so great to hear! What are some other positive changes you’ve noticed at the clinic?

CC: We’ve cut down on so much paper! Since transitioning to the Carbon Health EHR, we have scanned more than 70,000 patient charts into an electronic system where they are easily accessible. We also have started sending and receiving faxes electronically, documenting everything in the Carbon Health EHR, and all of our correspondence is now done electronically.

CH: Are you surprised by the influx of patients to the clinic in the last few months?

CC: We have seen a huge influx of patients coming into the clinic as of late, specifically for COVID testing. As a clinic, we have never been so busy with this many patients consistently since our inception. It’s so easy to schedule with us directly through our app and get in for an appointment quickly, so it’s really no coincidence that our volumes have risen since we have transitioned to Carbon Health.

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CH: What do you want the people of Carlsbad to know about what to expect from a trip to Carbon Health?

CC: We just want everyone in the area to know how dedicated we are to providing the highest quality healthcare to the entire community no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your situation is. We truly care about all our patients and promise to work hard each and every day to give you the best healthcare experience possible, and with the tools of the Carbon Health app at our disposal, we can consistently deliver on that promise.

CH: What do you love most about working for Carbon Health?

CC: I love so many things about Carbon Health, from their focus on improving access to healthcare through technology to their agility as a company in getting good ideas going and facilitating their explosive growth. However, I do think the thing I love most about working for Carbon Health is the people and its culture. From the moment I interviewed and spoke with the team, I knew they had something special. It is such an inclusive, supportive, growth-oriented organization that really cares about the people it serves, and I am thankful I’m able to be a part of it

CH: Any big updates coming in the next few months you want to share?

CC: Throughout the next couple of months, the clinic will be undergoing a remodel to update the interior and structure to better serve our patients. We look forward to offering a more updated and inviting space for our patients to relax and enjoy their time with us, with the expanded technological ability to serve them better.

We are excited to continue our mission of making world-class healthcare accessible to all and look forward to providing a better experience for our patients as we continue to expand throughout Southern California and across the country.

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Maggie Grainger

Maggie Grainger is the Brand Copywriter at Carbon Health. She enjoys writing about diverse healthcare issues and helping people live their healthiest lives.


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