Health Pass “Vaccine Passport” Available to Hundreds of Thousands of Los Angeles Residents

Ayo Omojola
April 14, 2021
4 mins

With its innovative Carbon Health Vaccinate platform, Carbon Health has been a leader in high-volume vaccine administration — including on-site clinical and technological support, patient care, and government-mandated communication with local immunization registries. And in the City of Los Angeles, Carbon Health has played a key role in accelerating vaccine rollout at a crucial time in the pandemic — we’re currently administering 20,000 shots per day in the city, in partnership with the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles (including the Los Angeles Fire Department), CORE, the County of Los Angeles, and the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy. 

In addition to providing support at vaccine sites, Carbon Health announced, in March 2021, the launch of Health Pass, the first HIPAA-compliant digital vaccination card for patients to use whenever they need to provide proof of their COVID-19 vaccination. Health Pass (which has recently been featured in The Wall Street Journal, on NBC News, and on “The Daily Show,” as well as in other outlets) is completely free for patients and available to everyone who has been vaccinated at a Carbon Health–powered site or who has received a prior vaccination from the Carbon Health network of private and municipal partners. For patients, a Health Pass vaccination card is similar to cards issued by the CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and offers the highest levels of accountability, visibility, and transferability.

If you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine at a Carbon Health site or Carbon Health network site in Los Angeles, you can choose to access a Health Pass vaccination card on your phone at any time.  

Other Vaccine Card Options Will Be Available 

In the United States, local and regional governments have long kept records of vaccinations and incidences of some infectious diseases in their communities — this is not new to our era. Healthcare providers are required to report their COVID-19 and other vaccination data (such as influenza vaccinations) to local public health authorities, which use that data for clinical purposes, such as ensuring that patients get the correct second dose, or for epidemiological purposes, such as measuring how much of a community has been vaccinated. 

The County of Los Angeles has partnered with a company called Healthvana, which is also making vaccine cards, similar to Health Pass, available. 

This means residents of Los Angeles who already have a Health Pass from Carbon Health may also receive an email or text notification from Healthvana, alerting them to the availability of that company’s vaccine card. That message might say something like “View a digital record of your vaccination.” Be assured that your sensitive information has not been sold by Carbon Health (we take patient privacy seriously — read more about our privacy policy). If you already have a Health Pass from Carbon Health, that has not changed. Healthvana simply offers an additional vaccination record for people who live in the County of Los Angeles, using data provided by the county.

If you’ve been vaccinated at a Carbon Health–powered vaccination site, log in here to view your Health Pass.

Getting Your Health Pass from Carbon Health

Once a person receives their first or second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at a Carbon Health–powered vaccination site, they will receive a discharge notification via SMS on their cell phone; that notification will contain a link to their digital Health Pass. Patients can currently access their Health Pass on Carbon Health’s desktop web application and in the Carbon Health mobile app for iOS or Android. 

Our Health Pass is unique in that it is not just a verification layer on top of a service. It is a unique, non-replicable, timestamped, easy-to-display card, from a licensed healthcare provider, that’s fully integrated into any mobile device’s operating system. It could also fulfill possible future requirements of easily accessible proof of vaccination that’s integrated with centralized vaccine registries — there has been talk in some regions of using such a system to facilitate travel and large public gatherings. The City of Los Angeles does not require you to have a Health Pass or any other digital vaccination record.

We’re working to optimize the experience of using your Health Pass, developing new features including integrations with Apple Wallet and Google Pay, family Health Passes, and Health Pass scannable QR codes — among many other innovations — and expanding the card’s availability. Learn more about Health Pass

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Ayo Omojola

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