A Holistic Approach to Getting Back to Business During a Global Pandemic

Jennifer Caudill
July 15, 2020
4 Minutes

As our country reopens, companies, organizations, and institutions of all sizes have one common goal: to bring back team members safely so we can all operate successfully.  

Because there is no known end to the novel coronavirus, we cannot simply focus on getting through the front door. Business owners, CEOs, and HR departments must think past the lobby and beyond the first days and weeks of performance. To ready your workplace for the complexities of operating during this pandemic, a comprehensive, coordinated approach is needed to minimize risk and ensure employee safety. 

COVID Ready empowers you to swiftly and safely reopen and operate responsibly.

Our clinicians have been on the frontlines of this pandemic since day one, working tirelessly to make sure people get the care they need. Based on our clinical staff management program, we’ve developed COVID Ready to help employers test, educate, and manage the safety of employees, so all businesses can operate responsibly while rebuilding. Whether you own a small business or run a large corporation, our COVID Ready program offers a comprehensive toolbox—from testing and monitoring to education, intervention, and care. 

A holistic approach gets you back to business.

These are (still) unprecedented times. After months of pause and commitment to flattening the curve, it’s now time to move forward. Let’s look at your next steps. 

Community-based infection is beyond your control, but you do have the ability to stop site spread at your place of business. For a successful re-opening and sustained protection, we recommend a holistic approach driven by clinical care that addresses wellness at every stage.

There are three key steps every business should take to minimize risk and keep their employees safe.

Outbreak Prevention: Address the most important piece of the puzzle by keeping healthy individuals healthy. This includes regular handwashing, extensive cleaning protocols, and masks. 

Monitoring: Manage your team with easy-to-engage tools that give employees peace of mind and leaders all the key information needed to make decisions. 

Containment: Leverage protocol that prepares your employees and workplace in the case of a positive test or exposure.

Each piece of the COVID Ready program is tantamount for operation—today, tomorrow, and as we look into the future. While it’s important to implement coronavirus testing and tracing, these steps alone do not offer the strongest protection against the virus. 

COVID Ready sets you up with an end-to-end program that keeps your team safe and allows your business to continue to rebuild. COVID Ready bridges the gap between the impossible zero-risk scenario to a realistic, ideal level of safety by solving any problems that arise in the workplace during this new era. And our program goes one step even further, ensuring continued access to patient care for your employees. 

“I see COVID Ready as a unique blend of tech, science, medicine, and accessibility, all designed to serve. Tools like our test kits and symptom tracker can lead to virtual or in-person visits with professional healthcare providers who can immediately help. This makes COVID Ready truly unique.” - Amy Treadwell, Vice President of People, Carbon Health

End-to-end care: Why partnering with Carbon Health offers the straightest path to re-opening your business.

More than 40,000 tests administered to date. 

Demonstrated excellence in testing. We never closed our clinics and have been testing for COVID-19 since day one.

The Carbon Health App and all services are HIPAA Compliant.

We offer a complete care cycle for your employees: testing, monitoring, education, intervention, and care.

The City of San Francisco and County of Los Angeles choose Carbon Health to provide patient care for their staff.

We’re ready to be your partner on your journey to rebuild. 

If you’re ready to get back to business, the Carbon Health team is here to help. We’ve made it our top priority to share what we’ve learned with our community and any business, team, or individual. We’ll continue to make our knowledge available in our pursuit to leverage technology that makes healthcare accessible to everyone. 

Learn more about getting COVID Ready today. 

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