Meet Support Staff Superstar Amanda Carriedo

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September 26, 2020
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September 15 officially kicked off National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, a time to celebrate and honor the rich history, culture, and contributions of the more than 50 million Latinx Americans in the United States.

Today we sat down with Amanda Carriedo, one of our dedicated support staff team members, to talk about her Mexican heritage, working during a pandemic, and how she’s doing her part to help low-income families get the healthcare resources they need.

September 15 officially kicked off National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, a time to celebrate and…

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CARBON HEALTH: Happy National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month! What is the first thing you think of when you think of your cultural roots?

AMANDA CARRIEDO: Definitely family! Both of my parents are Mexican. My father is from Michoacan, Mexico, and my mom is from Sonora, Mexico. One of my most treasured traditions is getting together right before the holidays and making tamales with my whole entire extended family.

CH: What do you think makes Carbon Health stand out from other healthcare companies?

AC: I can feel how genuine we are about helping others. From making healthcare more accessible by offering virtual care to helping those that are less fortunate.

CH: What is one of the most gratifying parts of your job?

AC: One of the most rewarding parts of my job is being able to give back to low income families. Being a Hispanic woman who came from a low income family, this really resonates in my heart. COVID is already scary in general but it is even scarier when it feels like you can’t find great healthcare services because you can’t afford it during a time like this. I am so thankful for the Family First Cares Act because it brings me joy to see our patients face light up when they hear that we are not excluding them from our services and they’re able to get tested.

CH: How is it working during a global pandemic?

AC: My role on the support staff is so gratifying because we are the first point of contact many patients make. We are the first to leave an impression on our patients and if we leave them with a great impression, I’m sure the rest of their visit will go well. COVID has been a scary and odd time and it’s been gratifying to lend an ear to our patients and be some sort of support. Whether it is offering encouraging words or reassuring them they are in good hands and we are here to help. I have always made it a point to be aware of how I say things to patients because they need extra reassurance and we need to be confident and accurate about the information we are relaying to them.

CH: How has this crisis changed the way you look at healthcare?

AC: Before I started my journey in healthcare I never had great doctors or nurses that left great impressions on me. Now being in healthcare and being a part of the teams I have had the privilege to work with, it has shown me that there is a much larger population in healthcare that genuinely cares for their patients.

CH: What do you think the future of healthcare will be once this has passed?
AC: I am not too sure how the future of healthcare will be as a whole once this passes but what I do know is Carbon Health is really leaving a mark in healthcare. From working COVID Ready events to urgent care and pop-up clinics, I have come across a lot of patients who are extremely thankful and always give their highest praises to us. I am definitely proud to be a Carbonite.

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