Rolling In to Help Communities Around the Bay Area and Beyond

Maggie Grainger
August 12, 2020
2 min read

Carbon Health partnered with Studio Dental to convert their mobile dental office into a COVID-19 testing clinic on wheels. From April to June 2020, the mobile clinic made various spots in underrepresented and underserved neighborhoods across Northern California, providing much-needed coronavirus testing to the communities there.

In under three months, the mobile clinic visited 20 different locations in 12 cities throughout the Bay Area and performed 3,649 COVID-19 tests.

By working closely with the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the County of Marin Department of Health and Human Services, we were able to provide care in areas that needed our services the most.

We want to send a huge shout-out to all the clinicians who helped make our mobile clinic such a success.

Although the mobile clinic is no longer in service, there are other ways you can get COVID-19 testing through Carbon Health.

Book a COVID-19 testing appointment online for a diagnostic or antibody test.

These state-of-the-art clinics may not look like your average doctors’ office, but they function like one.

  • At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits

Order a test online and receive your kit within two days.

Talk to a doctor online and get your COVID-19 related questions answered during a telehealth consultation.

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Maggie Grainger

Maggie Grainger is the Brand Copywriter at Carbon Health. She enjoys writing about diverse healthcare issues and helping people live their healthiest lives.


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