Unwind for National Relaxation Day

Maggie Grainger
August 11, 2020
3 Minutes

Chill out.

Take it easy.

Loosen up.

Wind down.

At Carbon Health we recognize the importance of self-care and the overwhelming impact that it can have on all of the different aspects of life. Taking a moment to relax can help lower your heart rate, improve your sleep quality, and decrease the effects of stress on your body and mind.

Not sure where to begin? How about starting by taking a moment for self-care this August 15 in honor of National Relaxation Day?

Here are some ways to relax, decompress, and let go!

Take a Deep Breath

Carbon Health’s Virtual Mental Health provider and clinical psychologist, Jeff Liebert, will walk you through relaxation and meditation techniques you can incorporate into your daily life with the videos below.

We recommend starting with video one and building up your daily meditation practice. Even just 5 minutes a day can make a big difference! Remind yourself that it’s not a race; there’s no finish line and there’s no real wrong way to do it. After you’ve tried these, you might want to search further and find which technique works for you.

Stretch it Out

We’ve teamed up with Carbon Health Virtual Provider, Xochitl Renteln, PA-C, and Satinder Suprai, a District Practice Manager at Carbon Health and yoga enthusiast, for some easy-to-follow stretching videos.

You can do these five stretches from Xochitl, safely from your home right now in under two minutes! Follow along with this video and start to feel some of the stress melt away.

These poses were curated for people working from home and hunching over a computer for hours, which can lead to strain on your spine and negatively affect your posture. Give Satinder’s moves a try every day to add flexibility for a happy, healthy spine. They’re easy to do and you can even do them while you’re binge-watching your new favorite show!

Stretch it out with District Practice Manager Satinder Suprai


  • Unplug your Phone (and Tablet and Computer): In this era of social isolation, your smartphone might feel like your only lifeline to the outside world. However, unplugging can actually help you restore balance. Not only does unplugging an hour before bed helps you sleep more soundly, but it also helps you recharge mentally.
  • Get Walking: Feeling overwhelmed? Taking a brisk walk around your neighborhood will not only get your blood flowing but it can help lower short-term feelings of anxiety.
  • Soak in the Tub: Turn up the hot water, generously pour in the bubble bath or Epsom salt, and settle in for a long unwind sesh in the tub.
  • Drink a warm (caffeine-free) drink: Soothing herbal tea, warm water with lemon and honey, hot chocolate, or chicory root blends with cream can help relax the body without those pesky drowsy side effects.
  • Engage in Brain Games: There’s something to doing that Sunday crossword puzzle. Brain games like word puzzles, card games, or sudoku can help sharpen your memory skills and focus after a long day.

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Maggie Grainger

Maggie Grainger is the Brand Copywriter at Carbon Health. She enjoys writing about diverse healthcare issues and helping people live their healthiest lives.


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